Titan Exploration: entrepreneur wanted private equity capital to launch a new era and pursue Permian Basin acquisitions:

  • Volant founder led initial private equity, successful IPO and numerous M&A engagements. Company later sold for over $1.5 billion with over 5X ROI to initial investors.

Spinnaker Exploration: entrepreneur and private equity backers wanted growth capital for Gulf of Mexico strategy:

  • Volant founder led credit facility followed by successful IPO, with company later selling for over $2.5 billion with 8X ROI.

GulfWest Energy: small public company CEO wanted liquidity plus de-lever balance sheet and new management to grow:

  • Volant brought in new CEO, refinanced debt with convertible preferred, with public stock price doubling in 5 months.

Global Geophysical: entrepreneur seeking start-up private equity to launch and accelerate growth for new seismic contractor:

  • Volant funded initial private equity and credit support, facilitating revenue growth and ROI exceeding 10X prior to a larger private equity infusion and IPO.